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Facts About Heroin and Heroin Addiction

Despite all of the warnings that the media and health organizations put out and despite all of the high-profile celebrity deaths which have been linked to the drug, heroin continues to be one of the most widely abused drugs in the nation. This is why there is such a strong need for heroin rehab in west virginia. The insidiousness of the drug truly knows no bounds. Here are some facts about the drug that people really need to know!

  1. Heroin is a drug that is processed from morphine, which in turn is processed from the seed of the opium plant. It is highly addictive and acts to depress the central nervous system.
  2. Heroin is bright white when it is pure. However, since pure heroin is hard to come by on the streets, it is most often identified by a brownish color. The popular form of heroin known as ¿black tar¿ resembles exactly that, a sticky black tar.
  3. Heroin is traditionally injected into a vein of the user. However, it is becoming more and more common for users to either smoke the drug or to snort it like cocaine. This is mainly due to the mistaken belief that the latter two methods are not addictive. This is completely false as the drug is highly addictive no matter how it is ingested.
  4. The general public has a misconception about what a ¿typical¿ heroin user looks like. They envision an unwashed disheveled person stumbling down the street. However, there is no ¿model¿ heroin addict. Users come from all walks of life, across all genders and races. This is one of the evils of heroin, it knows no boundaries and will eventually consumer everyone in its path.
  5. Heroin works by sending a rush of complete euphoria to the user. Their mouth becomes dry and they will tend to start nodding off in a sleepy but pleasurable state. The effects of the drug can last for as long as three to four hours after each use. Cheap low-grade heroin sold on the street can often be contaminated with substances that may not dissolve properly. This can lead to blood clots or clots that stray into the lungs or even the brain. The risk of infection or even the death of patches of cells that are not allowed oxygen, which in turn can negatively affect vital organs.
  6. Some tell-tale Signs Of Heroin Addiction include profuse sweating, the inability to hold down a job for any length of time, extreme irritability, and abscessed veins. Extreme weight loss can also be a sign that someone is using heroin as the addict would rather use the drug versus eating food.
  7. Heroin abuse comes with its own set of potential health issues which can include collapsed veins, infections forming in the heart and/or arteries, liver disease, skin abscesses, and possible or even likely overdose. It is especially dangerous for pregnant women to use heroin as the baby may suffer the addictive qualities of the drug and be born an addict through no fault of their own.
  8. It is never advisable to quit the drug ¿cold turkey¿ in an unsupervised environment. This is because, due to the opioid nature of the drug, the person could actually die from the extreme withdrawal symptoms. It is always best to enter into a rehab program so that proper supervisory procedures can be enabled. A professional re-hab clinic can provide the best medical and social support structure for those who are most in need.
  9. When the addict quits using heroin, even for a short period of time, they will experience such symptoms as nervousness, extreme nausea, uncontrollable vomiting, cold flashes which can render the body completely useless during the time they are happening, and even pains in the muscles and bones. As can be seen, withdrawing from the drug is not an especially pretty or even easy process but it is something which needs to be done so that the person can live a longer healthier and more productive life. Failure to do so could result in losing friends and family, losing employment, prison time and even premature death.
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